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June 4, 2019

West Suffolk NHS has been in touch about raising awareness addressing inequalities in LGBTQ+ cancer screening coverage!

If you would like more information please message me. The superintendent radiographer has also offered to come to one of the group meetings & possibilities of a tour around the department.

If you know someone aged 50+ please make sure they are aware of this, Transgender Non-Binary & GenderFluid also need to know.

I hope this post has raised some awareness and helps get the word out to everyone.

Suffolk Pride

June 22, 2019

After years of no Pride, Suffolk Pride came back once again!

Victim support.JPG

Hate Crime Awareness!

Aug 15, 2017

Have you ever been a victim of hate crime? Maybe you have and just dismissed it as not worth worrying about?

Do you think this is right or would you like to know what you can do about it??

Click the link below to use Norfolk's and Suffolk's victim supports new website.

Suffolk LGBT+ Network Refresh

June 9, 2018

For many years now the Suffolk LGBT+ Network has been limping along trying to be a big charity and failing hard! Most of the Committee members have resigned when the going got tough or just don't have the interest or time to put in the effort to be this big organization. 

We thought it was time to go back to basics and just be a support group for any of the LGBTQ community that needs a place to go in Suffolk many things have changed you can now post on the facebook page pending approval, of course, we won't be a charity just a group of people meeting up and having fun.

Norwich Pride

July 28, 2018

Our trip to support and celebrate Norwich pride was a huge success 21 of us went and had a blast, why not come with us next year and join in the fun keep an eye on the website and Facebook page.

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